Important new information about the rapid diagnosis and treatment of acute stroke is provided in this section. This includes research studies and articles from healthcare publications, as well as data, advice, guidelines, and recommendations sourced from Coalition members.

  • Brain Attack Coalition Adopts New Message for National Stroke Awareness Month – 5/13/2009In recognition of Stroke Awareness Month in May, a national stroke coalition today announced that its member organizations have adopted a new public education message: “Stroke strikes fast. You should too. Call 9-1-1.”
  • Stroke Symptoms GuideBrain Attack Coalition members devised a list of stroke symptoms to be used in educating people on how to recognize the signs of a stroke.
  • Establishing a Stroke CenterThe Brain Attack Coalition has authored two papers outlining guidelines for stroke centers – one for primary stroke centers (published June 2000 in JAMA) and one for comprehensive stroke centers (published July 2005 in Stroke).