Book of Ra Tips


Ancient Egypt has been the pathfinder and chief-pioneer of the most successful online games for a long time coming, and it’s not slowing down. Online gaming is a top pick among huge perks and bonuses with enjoyable online gaming experience.

Novoline remains a favourite among most online gamers, thanks to the thrilling casino game. However, one game that remains a top pick in the popularity charts is the iconic, ever-green casino game, the book of Ra. Not all games have an appealing history. But the Book of Ra, on the other hand, will take you through a thrill-filled, mystery, suspense, and tension.

The book of Ra Tips and Tricks for newbies

The main goal for most online players is to win a massive amount of cash in the most natural ways, but not at the expense of experiencing the fun part of the game. Here are some Book of Ra tips and tricks you need to harness if you want to gain more from this game.

1. Learn the system payout cycle

When a player finally collects a considerable profit from the Book of Ra game, we often recommend taking a break. Learning the system payout cycle is one of the oldest tricks in the book, regardless of whether you are playing real money or bonus money.

A common mistake most games make is get greedy with the winnings and play on with the hopes of tripling their gains. To simply put, it’s the fastest way to a losing streak, because you will never see it coming.

A vital piece of advice players should never forget to always let the machine rest, maybe for a day or probably two before playing the game again.

2. Take advantage of free money

Nothing is as thrilling as playing the slot machine with cash that’s not from your pocket, because that will make you play relatively well. It’s usually a great relief to a player’s bank account. You’ll rest easy with the free bonuses offered by casinos. It’s the ideal way to learn and practice on slot machines before investing money from your pocket.

Free bonuses help you warm-up for the complexity of the machine before switching to the real game.

3. Set a daily profit goal for yourself

One of the things a player has to do to help yourself get more bonuses and profits is to set a daily profit goal for yourself. Doing that will ultimately help to keep your ambitions in line. You can begin with £10 in your account and set a maximum return of £200 for a single playing session.

The next day you play with the £200 and set a return of £500 or more until you are ready to withdraw.

4. Place maximum bet

Yes, you read that correctly. If you are a high-stake player with a big budget to splurge, then you may place maximum bets on different slots machine like the supper slots. Though maximum bets offer players the best payout odds, they also feature a higher risk of losing the chance. On the flip side though, if you place low stakes, you get to play for a more extended period, but the choice depends on the type of gamer you are. Now the question is, will you place maximum bets that promise players more significant profits but with equally higher risk (of course, what did you expect?), or lay low and enjoy the lengthy low-risk game with minimal gains? The choice is yours.

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