How to play Dead or Alive 2 Slot


Dead or Alive 2 Slot game’s interface is known to most experienced slot players, though for newbies it can be confusing. Most especially the bet level of the slot machine can cause some trouble, but not to worry, we shall walk you through everything players need to know to get started with the game in no-time. Experienced punters might want to skim through that part; thus, it is mostly for new players and newbies.

We’ve also check out the little wrench icon in the left side of the section of the game, as it is where players will turn on the quick spin option. These slot players can also make the game skip the intro screen, and tick off to make the space bar into a spin button. The “?” symbol that’s next t wrench, coupled with the volume icon in between, takes players to the game rules.

Here, users can read the summary of everything this game has to offer, and details about the rules it follows. Some game stats are revealed, and every button is depicted with an explanation that is next to it. The volume can be adjusted easily by the way, though you can’t turn off the sound effects as well as the music separately.

Next up, players can click the round “I” symbol in the same area, and it takes players to the game’s paytable. It is not a dynamic paytable, and the symbol values are meant for the bet level 1 per line bet. As a result, we’ve taken the liberty of converting this paytable to display symbol value per total stake. It’s done by dividing the current values by nine, which is the number of fixed bet lines:

  • Wild Symbols – Pay 166.66x for five on a pay line
  • Sheriff Star – Pays 111.11x for five on a single pay line.
  • Scatter Symbol – Pays 277.77x for five anywhere.
  • Bottle of Whiskey – Pays 33.33x for five on a pay line.
  • Cowboy hat – Pays 44.44x for five on a pay line.
  • Royal Symbols – Pay between 11.11x and 2.77x for five on a pay line
  • Revolver – Pays 83.33x for five on a pay line.

Now, you can pick your bet level between 1 and 2, and coin level between 0.01 and 1. It is less confusing if you look at the actual currency value below the spin button. The most awkward thing about this slot machine is that you can’t get an even total bet like £1 per spin. Meanwhile, the closest players can get 90p, which feels “oddly unsatisfying.” Your total bet will lie between 9p and £18 right here, and you can set up the Autoplay feature with up to 1,000 auto spins.

Where to play Dead or Alive 2?

Classic slot players are now well versed in playing the game, and there are also chomping at the bits to get started. The decision players have to make is whether they want to check out the Dead or Alive 2 free demo game first –