The most addictive gambling – an overview

Without a doubt, internet gambling and electronic gambling are the two most addictive games out there right now. You can chill out with friends and play slots. You can play a game of poker with friends through the ranking system. In this piece, we will discuss the significant types of gambling that are the most addictive.

When discussing this issue, there are certain things that should be considered, especially when you are lost in the limbo of questions such as this one. Speaking of things to consider, understand the fact that not all gambling-related problems are created equal.

There are four types of compulsive gamblers; two of these four are opposite in nature. The two examples include Escape Problem Gambler and the action gambler.

The Escape Problem Gambler refers to gamblers that sit in front of slot machines all day. Meanwhile, Action Problem Gambler is drawn towards games that require skills – these games include blackjack and poker. To read more on the types of gamblers, check out one of our other posts. Now, let’s talk about the kinds of gambling that are the most addictive.

Basically, there are two significant types of gambling that can lead to compulsive gambling. They are:

1.Internet Gambling

This is one of the most natural forms of gambling due to how one can easily access the internet (being the easiest doesn’t necessarily make it the standard type of gaming). With this type of gambling, all you need is your mobile phone, a secure connection, lock your door, and you are in. Its also easy to hide all evidence of online gambling – clearing your history and web browser app cache, and no one will know. A study was carried out by Help Guide; 389 compulsive gamblers who reached out for help from clinics. Interestingly, just 31 of the 389 gambling addicts were addicted to internet gambling. These 31 gamblers were pathological gamblers. The summary of this is that its quite easy to develop addiction over a game of online poker.

Smartphones – The catalyst

We are turning our spotlight to smartphones and how it has successfully acted a role as a catalyst for compulsive gambling. Back in the 90s, gambling was quite different. To gamble, you have to physically show up at a casino to book your next bet – not anymore. Now, all you need is a smartphone, a secure internet connection, and you’ll be logged in. So, how did we get here. Sure, these are technological advancements, but with it comes more significant responsibilities, one which we much lack right now.

With this form of accessibility via smartphones, tablets, or laptops mixed with a growing number of online casinos springing from the web, it is not shocking that there has been a report of an explosion in the name of individuals turning compulsive gamblers through their smartphones.

But do smartphones really make gambling easy? That is a rhetorical question. We all know how it has made the lives of gamblers very easy.

Is it a societal problem?

This is a problem for society at large. According to a story published on Medical Express, recent research showed that users were ‘snacking’ (snacking is the frequent checking of the phone when a bet is placed t know the outcome). In all, the findings show that smartphone gambling is a time bomb and could be an issue for society. Millions of bookings can be made without the need to set foot in a casino or a betting shop.

The dark truth

Many bettors who spend their time playing online casinos usually have their info tracked. One of the things you’ll have to worry about is having your info in the hands of gambling companies who are always looking for ways to get you hooked to their games. Tons of remote gamblers provide tracking data, which is then used to categorize players. You provide vital information such as name, address, date of birth, email, passwords, telephone number, and home address.

What do they need these personal details for? Just as you have with other notable companies taking advantage of your browsing patterns and personal information, a gambling company needs your details to define your betting pattern. Your playing pattern is often tracked and used to improve their algorithm while ultimately reducing your chances of winning. The fact that there is the illusion of control won’t make it easy for you to notice all of these.

The companies would instead stick to a comfortable truth, which is saving the information to help improve the betting experience, but we all know how true that is.

2. Electronic Gambling Machines

Electronic gambling machines are the most addictive games out there as far as gambling is concerned. According to Help Guide, people who play Electronic gambling machines become compulsive three times faster than those who partake in racetrack gambling or table games. It takes just 1.03 years for an electronic machine gambler to become hooked compared to racetrack and table games gamblers who need 3.58 years to get hooked.

Video poker and slot machines are considered as the crack cocaine of gambling. In fact, the Illinois Institute for addiction also reiterates this. What makes games such as slot machines very addictive. They also found that compulsive gamblers progress to the desperation phase of gambling addiction very quickly.

The big losers

Its bright, the biggest losers are the compulsive gamblers, people who find it difficult to stop when they start gambling. These are people who will only stop when the funds dried up. While others then look to crimes to salvage the little, they have left, others leave their loved ones devastated.

Know this; you don’t have to be a compulsive gambler to spend a ridiculous amount of money on betting – it all depends on the type of player you are. Another category that is hardly talked about is one that houses low-income earners. They are deceived and robbed by gambling companies who provide them with lottery tickets.